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1. Tenant/s will pay their rent no later than 56 days BEFORE DEPARTURE, and if not so paid the Landlord reserves the right to cancel the booking, in which event a cancellation fee calculated as hereunder (being the scale recommended by the Association of British Travel Agents) shall be payable for the prospective tenant/s.
i) Notice given 43 or more days before departure the deposit will be forfeited.
ii) Notice given 29 to 43 days before departure 30% of the total cost of the holiday.
iii) Notice given 14 to 28 days before departure 45% of the total cost of the holiday.
iv) Notice given within 14 days of departure 60% of the total cost of the holiday.

2. Tenant/s will do no damage to the landlord's property, either fixed or movable, and will report immediately any accidental damage which they or members of their party may cause. (Forms will be sent for tenant/s to report upon to the Landlord any breakages that they may find upon their arrival, or other damage they cause during their stay, should the Landlord or his representative be absent from the property). FAILURE TO RETURN THESE FORMS OR ADVISE THE LANDLORD OF BREAKAGES MAY RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF DEPOSIT.
3. A deposit of £200 to cover breakages will be required to be paid upon booking. This is in addition to the rent and will be returned when the Landlord’s representative reports that the inventory is complete and the property is clean and in good order, and the keys are available and intact.
4. Tenant/s are asked to leave the property as clean and tidy as they would wish to find it.
5. The Landlord cannot be held liable for injury to tenant/s or their families, or other members of the party, or visitors, or for loss or damage to Tenant/s property.
6. Tenant/s are required to dispose of all rubbish before leaving. Dustmen collect very early on Mondays and Thursdays and a supply of plastic bags will be left in the cupboard under the sink.
7. Tenant/s are required to arrive at the property after 4pm. (16.00 hrs) on the day of arrival and to depart before 10.00 (10am) on the day of leaving so that the Landlord or his representative may check the property before the arrival of the next tenant/s.
8. The Landlord cannot be held responsible for failure of the water or electricity supply for any reason.
9. The Tenant/s will use the premises only as a private residence, shall create no nuisance, nor act in any way illegally or immorally, NOR CAUSE UNDUE NOISE, ESPECIALLY AFTER 11PM (23.00HRS).
10. Bookings can be accepted only from Saturday to Saturday. If part weeks are required the Tenant/s will have to pay the full week's rental for that part week.
11. Tenant/s will not poach or scrump from fields, trees or farms.
12. Tenant/s will not sub-let or share the property without prior consent of the Landlord

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